Faroe Islands - an experience of a lifetime

Faroe Islands is in every way an experience beyond the ordinary. The 18 islands in the middle of the North Atlantic, offers a unique nature, history and culture - and we guarantee you cannot help but to be fascinated.

Faroe Islands has an ever changing weather - rain, mist, heat and sunshine. It offers you something breathtaking naturally beauty and stunning colors. The volcanic landscape is without any trees, and meanders up and down before it suddenly comes to an end abruptly into the sea. The landscape is magical, and it almost looks to be built by trolls and elves - the small roads meander in and out of the very hilly terrain. The small Faroese villages and towns are strategically strewn across the grass green carpet - as small collections of square houses and romantic churches in the middle of every village.

You can really feel the nature when you are out hiking, climbing, cycling or just driving around in the car on one of the many beautiful roads. There is silence, interrupted only by cascading waterfalls and deafening burning. You will also find the very Here you'll find the very fascinating Faroese phenomenon where it seems like the waterfall runs upwards, because of the strong wind.

The islands are located in the middle of the North Atlantic, and have created special species - whether it is on land, sea and air. A good book on the Faroese wildlife is recommended to be brough, so that you can learn something about the rocky islands amazing birdlife. Puffins, razorbills, cormorants, Black guillemot and the large gannet is often occurring in this part of the world. The Faroese hare, sheep, horse and small Faroese mice are unique after having adapted to the climate over a long period of time. There are also good opportunities for snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear water, if you prefer to look under the water for fish.

Fishing is the most important Faroese industry, so why not grab a fishing pole and see if you can catch your dinner. The sea around the islands are teeming with fish, so it is usually not very long before you catch a fish. If you like the little wilder fishing trips, there are good opportunities to go shark fishing. The excitement and joy of the hunt is second only to the taste of a freshly caught fried fish - with potato salad and a lemon or hollandaise.

When you want a small break from the nature, the small and cozy capital, Tórshavn is just the place. The charming old town, marina, museums, restaurants and cafés are perfect for a wonderful and relaxing day.

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