Faroe Islands on a bicycle

First we have suggestions to routes, that don't have high demands. Then we have the mountain rutes that require a certain level of stamina. The last one is the long route, where there is a lot to see and experience, but without any overexertion.

The routes have been made so that the traffic interferes as little as possible. Some routes go through tunnels. If you are not accustumed to cycling in tunnels, you should consider taking the bus or choose an alternative route.

You will see and experience the beautiful nature, ever changing weather and an abundant of wildlife. Enjoy the view as you move around the countryside, and suck in the unforgettable memories that you will home with you.

To get the most out of your trip, there are some things you should take into consideration:

  • It is not allowed to cycle in the outfield or cairn paths..
  • There are no bike paths - you are close to the cars.
  • Cattle grids in the roadway should be crossed with care.
  • Make sure you have enough air in the tires.
  • The weather is both changeable and locally. Add your route so has the wind in the back on the way home. Please check the hotel or tourist information..
  • Be well dressed. Helmet, goggles and gloves are recommended.
  • The sheep roam freely. Beware when they are at the roadside.
  • Nature is vulnerable.
  • Show respect.


1  Only out by the the coast.
    Only in exceptional cases exceeded 30 meters in heigth

2  A few hills on the route.
    Height doesn't exceed 150 meters.

3  There is haul uphill and steep downhill.
    The route is located in 300-400 meters heigth.

4  There is haul uphill and steep downhill.
    The route is located in 400-500 meters heigth.

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