Skálafjørður - Leirvík/Fuglafjørður

On this trip you follow the eastern shore of the fjord Skálafjørður.

The road is flat but very trafficated, so take care as the cars drive at high speed. From the village of Skipanes you follow the road to the roundabout, where you turn left in the direction of Gøta and Leirvík.

Stop at the mountain pass of Gøtueiði to admire the views of the villages Syðrugøta, Gøtugjógv and Norðagøta as well as Gøtuvík further out. This historical site was the home fo the famous Viking chief Tróndur í Gøtu a thousand years ago. The road now descends and you can relax and admire wonderful views.

You then pass through Norðagøta and further up the valley you turn right and cycle through the tunnel towards Leirvík, where it is worth exploring the archealogical artifacts unearthed made by Føroya Fornminnisavn.

When you leave Leirvík, instead of going back through the tunnel you can turn right/north and follow the old road towards Fuglafjørður, a village known for its many cultural events.

Skálafjørður - Leirvík/Fuglafjørður

Start: Petrol station in Skálafjørður

Distance: 30 km/42 km

Cycling time: 4 hours

Route: Return via same route as outbound journey

Views: Skálafjørður, Gøtueiði, Gøtuvík, Leirvík, Norðoyggjar

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