Tórshavn - Kirkjubøur/Syðradalur

From Tórshavn central bus terminal you follow the roads Yviri við Strond, Eystari Ringvegur, Marknagilsvegur and Landavegur, at which point you levae Tórshavn.

The trip starts for real in Havnardalur, where you will meet people on horseback and discover the Faroes countryside. Cross the bridge and climb the hill and you find ourself at Velbastaðhálsur, from where the views are breathtaking. You can see the islands of Hestur and Koltur rising out of the ocrean with Sandoy in the background. 

Further to the west is the island of Vágar. Next top on the route is the village of Velbastaður, and afterwards you can continue south to Kirkjubøur where you can wander around the 900-year old farm, and 700-year old church ruins.

If you want to continue a bit further, you can head north up the steep hill to the village of Syðradalur.

Tórshavn - Kirkjubøur/Syðradalur

Start: Bus terminal in Tórshavn

Distance: 28 km/ 36km

Cycling time: 2.5 hours/4 hours

Route: Return via same route as outbound journey

Views: Tórshavn, Velbastaður, Hestur, Koltur

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