Holidays on the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands have never been a holiday destination. It's far out in the North Atlatic Ocean, and was rather difficult to reach..

Today it's different, nice and easy to reach. Fly with the faroese national airline, Atlantic Ariways, which takes approximately 2 hours from Denmark - or sail with Smyril Line, onboard their ship Norrøna, which takes approximately 36 hours from Denmark.

The standard and quality of the transportation is of course high, and meets any modern needs, wether it be by air or sea.

The best way to travel and experience the Faroe Islands is by car - wether you bring your own with the ship, or rent a car. The roads on the Faroe Islands are good, and most of the islands are connected with bridges or tunnels. This makes it possible to visit most of our fantastic villages and gives you the chance to see the great contrasts that exists in our small country.

Of course you could also choose to spend your time in the Faroe Islands with a backpack, caravan or bycicle. If you have any questions or have a request for Make Travel to put together a special package, you just have to contact Maria or Kent on telephone (+298) 23 21 00 or by email make@make.fo. Together we can find put together your next trip to the Faroe Islands.

More info about the Faroe Islands

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