The Faroe Islands as a tourist

The Faroe Islands has a lot to offer when you get here as a tourist. Fortunately for you, we haven't been overrun by tourists, even after being rated as the words best travel destination by National Geographic.

You will experience a completely unspoiled destination, where you are visiting the locals. The Faroese people are generally very welcoming, so don't hold back if you want to get to know the Faroese people.

Below here you can find a tourist guide, where you can read about everything for your trip to the Faroe Islands:

Take a deep breath. Open your senses and let them fill your mind. You will be amazed that such a places still exists in this world. Uncluttered and affordable, easy to travel around and get to know, yet infinitely varied and changing.

Contact Make Travel if you wish to experience the Faroe Islands as a tourist - Call (+298) 23 21 00 or send an email to make@make.fo to have a chat with either Kent or Maria.

Information offices on the Faroe Islands

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Packages to the Faroe Islands

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52.122 Faroese on 18 islands - get to know more about the Faroe Islands

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You will find many landmarks on our beautiful islands - here are some of them.

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Faroe Islands for the first time - with guide. 8 days incl. flight, hotel and 4 excursions. Price per person from € 1.743

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Spend a weekend on our amazing islands. 3 days incl. flight and guesthouse. Price per person from € 270

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