Skerpi is a "hjall" (Faroese woodenshed) on wheels and can be placed in different locations on the Faroe Islands

Places where the nature shows itself from its most supreme side; enjoy a romantic dinner in middle of a sunset, a business dinner with the green as a base and the blue as the view.

You can choose between places such as Tórshavn, Múli, Funningsfjørður, Norðadalskarð or Gásadalur


Facts about Skerpi:

  max. 10 people

Rental Price: 

  Tórshavn kr. 3.000,-
  Norðradalskarði kr. 8.000,-
  Gásadalur kr. 10.000,-
  Múli or Funningsfjørður kr. 12.000,-

Menu 1:
  An experience in a ræst universe.
  Choose and ham, dried grind with blubber,
  dried fish with butter, ræst fish with garnatálg,
  skerpikjøtt at different stages and from different places of origin, ræst soup.
  Served with appropriate drinks (wine and beer)
  Coffee with góðaráð
  Price per person kr. 1.200,- (incl. drinks)

Menu 2:
  "The ocean around the Faroe Islands"
  The raw material comes directly from the fishermen and divers.
  Seaweed boullion, horse clam,
  sea urchins, salt fish, seaweed in various flavours,
  grilled lobster, scallop, Faroe Bank cod.
  Served with appropriate drinks (wine)
  Coffee with góðaráð
  Price per person kr 1.200,- (incl drinks)

 - The exact number of guests must be informed in advance
 - Information about allergies must be informed in advance
 - The event may depend on the weathe

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